small slurred words softly spoken

by mourning breath

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bee perfect music for sitting around and thinking about the past and present. all of the songs are really haunting and beautiful. Favorite track: jaden.
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ive been sad and all of this is half assed


released July 20, 2015



all rights reserved


mourning breath Maryland

i dont know how to play guitar or sing but i have a lot of feelings and i dont have a therapist

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Track Name: daddy issues
these pills
they don't make me feel better
on umbrellas are wetter
than me
when we fucked that night
men are
disappointing in my life
i know
that i have daddy issues
i wish
you didn't use
it to
spite me
i just
wanna feel complete
Track Name: hope not
your hands still haunt my body
still feel your fingers inside me
your skin is the worst memory
do you still think of me?
well i hope not

do you still have the tapes i made?
or did you throw them all away?
i still think about you everyday
i hope it fucking goes away
yeah i hope so

i am so confused
i feel abused
i wish that i
never met you
Track Name: jaden
you drink the milk straight from her breast
you're so separate from the rest
the look on your face as your mother cried that night
you're cold baby blue in the crib
lungs collapsed just as she did
the funeral casket was cold and so were you

your clothes sat around in their drawers
smelled like they did way before
your tiny body just chose to stop working

you didn't get a chance to grow.
Track Name: always
bugs in my hair

i dont even care

i stay up so late

i cant masturbate

cuz im too sad

im always sad

i think of you

i dont want to

i feel so weak

i cannot speak

my teeth rot out

whats that about?

growth is slow

i want to go

i see no proof
Track Name: a long way
today i fell and scraped my knee

daydreamed about you fucking me

and liking you isnt easy

but i think you’re worth it babyyyyy

last night i met you in a dream

we paddled up a river stream

our eyes made a nice color scheme

i think we’d make an okay teammmmm
Track Name: a pack of razors
nothing feels real

dissociating during car rides

i dont know

where i am anymore

the scab is peeled

blood erupts from underneath

this is my tiny little something

i forget i have a body

im normally behind my own eyes

a mirror tells me differently

remembering the physical life

found a pack of razors

i havent used them yet i guess thats good

i just wanna know why i

cant go a full day without feeling like i should
Track Name: cat/pup
i wanna be a cat

i wouldnt have a care in the world

i wanna be a cat

because im tired of being a girl

i wanna be a pup

i just want someone to pet my head

i wanna be a cat

then maybe i wouldnt wanna be dead
Track Name: ugh
i could a thousand songs about
someone that ive never met
keep notebooks full of letters for you
in a drawer next to my bed to sit
pretend i know how to play guitar
until my fingers go numb
and think about your grainy face
on skype calls at 4 am
i feel so soft
your hands look calm
i want to kiss
you all day long
Track Name: time
what does it feel like to be struck by lightning

everything about myself is so frightening

i feel so tired at 19 years old

dont eat me because im covered in mold

im the squished bread from the grocery trip

im the bad dog that stays outside

all my friends think im self deprecating

i just spend most of my time debating

on whether or not any of this matters

my swollen veins are only getting fatter

im the car parts after the wreck

im the sick cat that you throw the rocks at

im the tall grass that you got that tick from

im the dust collected on top of the fridge

time isnt real

nothing ever really fucking heals

we just grow numb
Track Name: asleep
i cut off my legs and they didnt bleed so i went downstairs and started to read the encyclopedia on how to deal with things and then i feel asleep. drifting off i started to dream and i saw water i saw clouds i saw a plate of nectarines i saw myself in a running river stream and it said goodbye to me.
Track Name: best friend (7:15 am quick af demo)
its hard to feel like you still care about me / i think im just filled with bitterness and jealousy / im proud of you but i miss you / i just feel like this is coming to an end / am i just being dramatic / or do you still see me as your / best friend